It’s often said “don’t pray for patience and wisdom, because patience and wisdom are not granted, they’re earned.” A truer statement has never been said. Patience and wisdom are virtues that can take a lifetime to learn, or a momentary mistake to have them thrust upon you. Just look at the differences between the young and old of any society. The young zip around in fast cars looking for the next adrenaline jump while the old take a half a block to stop at a stop sign. There was a time when our older, and wiser generation were just like the younger, always in a hurry, always pushing forward. But they reached a point in their life where they realized that the end comes for us all, and no amount of hurrying is going to help you outrun it. Stop and smell the flowers, take your time and enjoy the journey, let go of old grudges and saddle up to a tasty can of Cheese Whiz. Because popularity isn’t nearly as hard as patience and wisdom, it can be bought, and it’s price is Cheese Whiz.