I guess it might not be the best laid plan to wage war with the voices, but you can’t just let them go unchecked. Sometimes it’s good to make sure that they remember who is in charge around here. You just need to be careful how you go about it, keep in mind that everybody is just one voice away from free lodging at your states finest intellectual therapeutic spa (or psych ward for those of you who are less sensitive). If you think you’re crazy now, just wait until you have to navigate your way around a bowl of spaghetti using a spoon with a cork on the end of it so you don’t hurt yourself. And I recommend you take the pills, you don’t want to know how they administer them when you don’t. But take heart, the voices can be reasonable, as long as you leave them alone. If the voices are talking amongst themselves about you, that means they are not talking to you, and they are a lot less trouble that way.

Oh…by the way, the voices wanted me to tell you that they like me better. Nanner nanner boo boo. :P