I would never condone animal cruelty in any form, but would it be soooo bad to bring cats down a peg or two? If you look at the animal kingdom you see all sorts of animals doing what they can day in and day out to make it to the next meal without becoming said meal. That is the way of things. But then there are domestic animals who have got it all figured out, if you think about it, they really do have it pretty easy; show their owner a little love, kindness and appreciation and in turn they get a warm place to stay and regular feed time (except in some unfortunate circumstances).

But then, in steps the domestic cat. Never before has there been an animal so bent on world domination than the domestic cat. They are the one creature who not only feels that they don’t have to appreciate their people feeding them, but it is expected. A dog will love you, miss you and protect your home and your family in appreciation of the big bag of dry dog chow you picked up on the discount rack. A cat will try to trip you at the top of the stairs if you get the wrong kind of super elite special blend gourmet cat food. You look at them as your family pet; they look at you as their lowly servant who, by the way, can be replaced so don’t get any wise ideas. Would it really hurt to bring them down a notch or two just to keep their feet firmly planted on Earth? Just take a minute to think about naturally hairless cats. Now there’s a humble creature.

If you’re a cat lover, don’t worry, no cats have ever been shaved in my presence, nor would they be. I talk tough, but I like our cat.