Light It Up Blue for Autism AwarenessI would like to take just a quick second to mention autism awareness in honor of my son and grandson. Today and tomorrow, April 1st – 2nd, is Project Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness. Please visit the site to see what you can do to help in the fight against autism. You can visit the Light It Up Blue site, or Autism Speaks to find out more about this ever growing condition and to find out what you can do. Thank you.

On to our regularly scheduled accompaniment blog.

Picketing is a uniquely American thing. It is how we tell those around us that we feel we have been wronged in some way or the other, and is a marked sign of freedom. And one of the key points to any good strike are signs. But what happens when sign makers go on strike? I think they will have a hard time getting their point across to passing motorists. Can you imagine driving along with your windows up and you pass by a group of people shaking their fists in the air and carrying blank signs? You’d wonder if they all just snapped; like a whole group of people were just sitting around and suddenly got whipped up into non-directional anger, grabbed some pieces of cardboard and ran outside shaking their fists in the air. I suppose it could easily be misconstrued that they are just not too clear on their message. Strikers without meaning “insert your cause here.”

I imagine it would be easy to get public backing if people could just insert their own cause, but be careful because you don’t know which passerby is going to insert “kill the baby seals” onto your sign mentally. And that inadvertently becomes your message. At least it will when he tells his buddies later. Strike or not, you should probably do the one last job, and make yourself some signs.