Something that has perplexed many great thinkers of the ages is the result of an unstoppable force hitting an immovable object. I think for the most part this is really more of an exercise in theoretical thinking, the idea that this could ever really happen resides strictly in hypothetical realms. Although I suppose we could look to pop culture for an example. Charlie Sheen’s massive ego (unstoppable force) running into the wall of his insanity and inevitable truth about his “genius” (immovable object) would leave Charlie in a padded room eating jello with his fingers (don’t let the crazy guy have a spoon).

So while we may never really know what would happen if an unstoppable force were to hit an immovable object we can at least use our imaginations to enjoy the potentially spectacular stain that would be left in the aftermath. I wonder if it would look more like modern art or a Rorschach test. That would be interesting, a theoretical occurrence creating a perceptive revealer. Now that’ll get you thinking.