I am not ashamed to admit that I am not good with names, and for those who know me (like that bald guy and that one lady with the blond hair and glasses) this comes as no surprise. But I can usually get by in a conversation when I bump into somebody without them being any the wiser, it’s a science really. Then my wife lost her eyesight and things got out of hand. We would be walking along and run into somebody and I would work my magic and everybody would be perfectly satisfied that I knew who I was talking to, then it would happen. My wife would ask me “who is it?” Oohhhhh boy. There has been more than once that I have felt like beating feet out of there. Unfortunately that would mean leaving my blind wife behind to find her own way, and that would not bode well for me. Of course the whole thing is her fault right?

I finally talked to her about it and now she waits until we walk away from the present company to ask me who it was. It took some time to work out the timing, because at first she would ask as soon as we turned around. I would just act like I didn’t hear her until we got far enough away from them to tell that I couldn’t remember their name. But now she waits until we are well away from them. But she still asks, because there are some people that I do remember, that number is just outweighed by the number of people I can’t remember. But if I see you on the street, nicknames like “you” and “guy” aren’t because I can’t remember your name, because I’ll never forget YOUR name, I just like you enough to give you an endearing nickname.