The pool of social interaction is murky and hard to traverse at times. And to make matters worse, it often seems as though we are invisible and nobody notices us. But from my experience it’s not that we are invisible, we just don’t stand out as much as the weird kid in the back of the room eating his paste. Who can compete with that?! I’m not saying that it’s a good idea to make a glue-ber out of yourself. Nothing sticks with you through life like negative nicknames. You can be the hero for years, but eat just one booger… I’m just saying that it doesn’t hurt to be be a little more outgoing and creative in your approach to interpersonal relationships.

So next time your looking at that cute girl or guy but it looks as though they’re looking right through you, don’t worry it’s probably not any reflection on you. They’re probably just having a really hard time focusing on anything other than the girl behind you sticking her hands in her armpits and pulling them out to smell them. Take heart. Lift your head high, and find your niche.