Before I start, I just wanted to state that no feelings were hurt during the making of this feature. This question was made up, contrived, completely fabricated, just because I thought it had funny implications. So before the hate mail starts flowing in over this, there’s no need to type out a scathing e-mail over a fictitious question, I’m sure there are very real things you could write and complain about.


I always find it funny when people walk up to me and ask “Can I ask you a dumb question?” How do you answer a question like that? “Yes I am sure that you have that distinct capability.” I feel that refraining from asking a question is the only way to truly remain dumb about a subject. But why waste a perfectly good opportunity to ask a question by asking if you can ask a dumb question? Go ahead and let it loose. The worst that can happen is you get laughed at, but it will be forgotten in a year or so. You’ll get over it.